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I am basically Digital Media Publisher and freelance copywriter in various niches.

I was been working in the publishing industry for over 5 years now, holding various positions at different publishing houses worldwide. My work experience includes managing marketing campaigns, content development, and website maintenance for various industries including healthcare, IT, finance, education, and many more.

With this, I also offer to ghostwrite services to help aspiring authors get their books published while maintaining creative control over the project.

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The Best Career Advice We’ve Received From our Father

Our father started out working a “regular” job in the shipping industry. He wanted to do different things with his life, and he knew that he was capable of more but he needed a bit of guidance along the way, something that would help him make informed decisions along the way. He had some offers from businesses that he could have easily walked away from for more money because they seemed like awful ideas at best. However, when he wasn’t given any clear direction or options on what to do next, he

What is CFD trading?

Before we start to listing our CFD trading pointers, it's essential to recognise what we are talking approximately. What is CFD? CFDs are by-product products, which imply that their price is derived from the fee of another asset or security – to be greater precise, the CFD will observe the rate motion of the underlying security. For example if you buy an Apple proportion CFD, then if Apple’s percentage rate is going up, so will your CFD’s cost. CFDs commenced out as a kind of leveraged equity

How to Save on Long Distance Moving

One of the most important ways to save money on long-distance moving is to avoid common mistakes. If you’re not used to moving, you may not know how to avoid a common packing mistake. Inexperience can lead to costly mistakes. There are resources online that can help you avoid these costly errors. The best way to save money on your long-distance move is to hire a reputable moving company. The internet offers a comprehensive list of common packing mistakes and the best ways to avoid them. Before

Dominic Cummings Net Worth of 2021

The senior aide created waves this week when it emerged that he had travelled from Durham to London with his family during the lockdown when his wife had coronavirus symptoms. But how rich is the ministerial aide? Here’s what you need to know: As the chief special adviser to the prime minister, Cummings is paid between £95,000 and £99,999, according to details published in the Government’s annual report on special advisers. Cummings lives in a £1.6 million townhouse in leafy Islington. Cummin

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